Absolutely, YES! It’s FREE and will always be. No upgrades, no upsells, no downsells.

We award 1000 points to the members who join us for the first time. Its a thank you gesture from our site for joining our community.

Unlimited. As long as you have points in your account, you can post any number of links.

You need 100 points to add a single link. Don’t worry, you can get lots of points by interacting with other people’s links by upvoting, downvoting, commenting, etc.

Instance Amount Limit
Points for signing up 1,000 -
Points for logging in 10 Maximum once per day
Points for viewing a link 1 No limit
Points for commenting on link 1 No limit
Points for viewing external link 10 -
Points for viewing video 10 -
Points for being a member for a year 1,000 -
Points for reacting to a link 1 -
Points for updating profile 1 No limit
Points for new friendship 1 No limit
Points for new comment 1 No limit
Points for adding an activity to favorites 1 No limit
Points for reviewing product 1 No limit
Points for following a member 1 -
Points for following a member 1 -
Points for loving content 1 No limit
Points for other members loving your content 1 No limit
Points for referring a new member -user- 1,000 No limit
Points for inviting a random visitor 1 No limit
Points for store referral 1,000 -

Yes of course we do. We award 1000 points for each person you referred to our site. Additionally, the referred person gets 1000 points for joining our site. It’s a win-win situation for both.

Here is your referral link (only logged in users can see their personalized affiliate link):


Again, you can also find your referral link inside the “INFO” tab of your profile.

Oh yeah! Our social network share buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and all others) contains your personal affiliate ids. So when you are logged in and share any link (your own links or any other member’s links) on social media platforms, you will get referral points for each person that follows that link and signs up under you. Be it today, or tomorrow or any time in the future.

In fact, you are encouraged to share content to social media services as much as you can any number of times per day to draw signups and gain points.

Yes, we manually approve each and every link you submit to us. Only then your links get published on our site.

We strictly do not tolerate links pointing to porn, intimacy, money laundering schemes, alcohol, weaponry, religion mockery, political agendas, drugs (not even herbal or medicinal ones) or any other activities that are frowned upon by governments across the globe.